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Watching Pokémon on Saturday mornings as a kid

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Anonymous: what about sex work by choice? is that ok?


i mean obviously dude! i support sex workers 100% without a doubt i just dont support the sex industry & the way they treat the ppl involved 

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Captain America | The Avengers & The Avengers: Age of Ultron

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The Benefits of Mindfulness


1. It helps us to let go of the tiredness, stress and negativity that clutters up our mind. That then frees us to be still, and get in touch with our true self.

2. It helps us get in touch with our feelings and emotions - so we’re able to respond, and not simply react.

3. It helps us get in touch with our empathy - so we’re more able to listen, understand, connect and get inside the world of other people in our lives.

4. It keeps our focus on the present - so we’re not trapped by the past, or the pain and regret that can stop us moving on. Or, by concerns about the future, which haven’t happened yet!

5. It helps to keep us grounded in who we really are. That can increase our self confidence and self esteem, and we’re able to access and draw upon our strengths.

6. The body and mind are closely intertwined. Thus, if we’re careful to attend to our mental wellbeing it’s like to be good for our physical health, too.

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masculinity is so cheesy and boring like bye 

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hold my hand, hold it tight whether the weather is cold tonight. I promise it will be alright

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